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Skischule Riezlern Jugendskikurs Tiefschnee

Older kids from 11-16 years meet up in our youth ski course.
It's off to the slopes and ski areas for fun with the instructor and other kids of the same age.



Young beginners usually learn faster that adults or smaller children. Playfully, but still in a cool way, we learn the basics and then very soon it's off to the lift for the first time.



These kids are already familiar with the basics, so we reinforce their technique and test out easy backcountry areas, which is a lot of fun. With more advanced kids we work on refining their technique. The focus is on carving, use of poles and backcountry skiing. More and more time is spent on freestyle and different routes in the open ski area.



When classifying, we differentiate between 7 levels: from level 1 (beginner) to level 7 (parallel skiing with pole setting)



Prices Teens (11-16 years)



Duration (1 day/3 hours) Price
6 days € 305.00
5 days € 280.00
4 days € 250.00
3 days € 215.00
2 days € 170.00
1 day € 85.00
Extension day after 2 days of skiing € 48.00

5 DAYS FLAT RATE TEENS (11–15 Years) incl.

ski course and equipment from Skififi

(incl. Helmet)


339.00 €

6 DAYS FLAT RATE TEENS (11–15 Years) incl.

ski course and equipment from Skififi

(incl. Helmet)

364.00 €

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